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We're an award-winning, full-service digital agency delivering effective digital solutions in branding, web and marketing.

We started with design, hence the name ‘Sketch’. Quickly, we evolved into websites and apps before then transitioning into marketing. Now, that’s history. For the last four years, we’ve helped clients launch brands, websites and scale.

How do we create the winning formula? We think differently. A young team full of digital experts, we know how to connect people with brands.


We get under the skin of your business, discovering who you are, exactly what you do and what your aspirations are.


Once we’ve understood your business, we’re able to go away and find creative solutions.


You know your business best, but we know how to create and execute. We work with you to get the best results, going the extra mile.


We bring your brand to life. We establish your presence within the market through solid brand foundations.


We design and build an engaging site your audience will not just love but convert on. The hub of your online presence, we ensure it’s functional and optimised for SEO.


We put your brand in front of your target audience. Digital marketing enables us to reach anyone, anywhere and at any time.


A combination of pixel perfect designers, web developers and marketing experts.

David Thompson

Creative + Development Director

Jordan Butcher

Client Relations Manager

David Thompson

Digital Strategist

Tracy Stevens

Office + Accounts Manager

Thomas Barry

Creative + Development

Megan Cowley

Creative Production

Chloe Powell

Account Management

Liam Mistry

UX Architect

Steven Clarke

Junior Development

Steve Perkins

Senior Development

John Burton

Senior Development

Oliver Ropas

Senior Development

James Ball

Paid Ads Specialist

Curtis Creswell

Digital Marketing Exec

Ebony Smith

Digital Marketing Exec

Edd Evans

Digital Marketing Exec

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