5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

What should you consider in 2019?

Published: Sunday 20th January 2019

In the world of 2019, you should know the importance of having a presence online - we can’t ignore digital marketing in our overall marketing strategies.

With new technology constantly arriving with marketing trends, being agile in your marketing is essential. You need to be active online and ensure that your efforts are appealing to your audience.

What trends should be part of a digital marketing strategy?

Video Marketing

You’ve probably heard it repeatedly. That’s because it is here to stay, video marketing isn’t going anywhere. It is constantly rising and YouTube had over 149 million monthly worldwide viewers on their platform. Video offers an engaging way for you to communicate messages while showing the personality of your brand. It need not be fancy too, in fact, short videos are likely to perform better with your audience than longer videos when using paid advertising.


Taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots provide instant messaging 24/7 with your customers. The responsive nature of chatbots enables customers to find out information at all times. It saves your business time by putting in the hours to respond to FAQs and give your audience a direct answer.


With vast amounts of information available and endless insights, elements of your strategy need to be targeted and personalised. For example, if a customer purchased a pair of white trainers last week, it’d probably be wasteful to remarket that same product shortly after. A personalised approach would advertise products which complement the trainers, perhaps a cleaning kit. Personalised marketing helps to continue existing relationships and has a greater chance of appealing to your audience.


Mobile First, Mobile Now!

With mobile browsing use continuing to increase, you need to consider how all of your marketing efforts will look on mobile. This means from your website to advertising and videos, you need to be considering how the experience will be for mobile users. In fact, a Google survey showed that 50% of mobile-device users expect to make purchases through their smartphones, so you can’t disregard the consideration for mobile.

Omni-Channel Brand Consistency

Consistency across your collateral is vital for ensuring that your audience remembers key messages and colours that represent your brand. A consistent presence across all of your channels makes your brand feel trustworthy and dependable, helping your audience to recognise your brand. With brands exploiting different platforms, it’s essential that branding for your company is consistent throughout.


2019 will be a greater focus on improving the customer experience and creating consistent content that is personalised.

To continue moving with the times then you will need to look at adopting these into your strategy. If you want to discover how Sketch Creative can help with your digital marketing this year, Speak to our Team.

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