Ownership and Database Migration

Ownership and Database Migration


You (the client) requests to obtain IP ownership and all right, title, and interest, including all intellectual property rights to all content, all data, and all reports in relation to the database located on the above-stated URL. Upon approval by Sketch Creative, you (the client) accepts full responsibility for the IP going forth.

Please provide an email address you’d like your website files and database sent to.

Once migration balance is completed, our development team will begin packaging up your website files and database into a zip folder for your new provider.
Yes, our hand-over package contains all your website files, database and information.
If we host your domain - you can complete a domain migration request here. From here we are happy to release the domain to your new provider which will work in conjunction with your website database and files.
The whole process should take around 48 hours to receive your website export. We class this as a simple upload for your new provider so we would estimate this should also take 24-48 hours for them to setup. Note: Domains can take up to 7 days to move around from server to server.
If your website still requires ongoing support we are happy to assist with this however we are only able to update and maintain websites solely developed by ourselves. If your new provider is also going to be maintaining then we may refuse to upkeep and leave it solely in the hands of the new provider.
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