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£1,250.00 / month for 3 months

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In short, we recognise your business’ potential to capitalise online and scale your current sales. Working closely alongside our marketing executives we will scale your online traffic and sales and eventually have a formula based on the data which will showcase for every £1 spent on ads we generate Snack Attack £XXX amount of revenue.

Services include:

– Up to 3 campaigns per month

– Copywriting

– Website upgrades as discussed: refresh, modernisation to store, local delivery, abandon cart, pixel integration etc

– Campaign creative designs

– Optimising multiple campaigns

– Audience setup and testing

Total monthly cost: £1,250.00+vat

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Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to this agreement via the button above, Snack Attack has retained Sketch Creative to proceed with consulting services for the period 11.11.2020 to 11.02.2021 and agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in the Agreement.

During this period, Sketch Creative agrees to provide the agreed services stated within this statement of work.

Your retainer payment will be paid pro-rata in advance of our teams engagement on your account, at the rate of £1,250.00 +vat fee per month.

This retainer will auto-renew in line with the terms as agreed above, unless advised otherwise within the required four weeks notice to the agreement end date. Any changes to Sketch Creative rates or additional time requested will be approved by the client prior to any adjustments being made to the their account.

Services in addition to the agreed services will be made available by Sketch Creative at an hourly rate and will be billed separately. Any other expenses are exclusive of the retainer or billable hours, and are not included in this agreement and will be billed separately. Examples of such expenses are: reasonable & approved travel & business expenses. All hourly billing & expense invoices will be net 30.

by setting up this subscription to agree to these terms set out by Sketch Creative Ltd.

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